ConGri Macchine Utensili

ConGri Srl, new and second-hand machine tools

ConGri was born because Devid Conti and Antonio Grieco, two dealers with many years of experience in this field, shared a common, challenging goal. The two businessmen have joined forces and knowledge in order to create a society that now fulfills a pivotal role for all the other companies whose work relies on an array of machine tools.

Thanks to strong collaboration with some of the best companies producing industrial machinery in Italy and all over the world, ConGri is the ideal partner to turn to when looking for cutting-edge machine tools, which can boost the businesses’ performances and increase the security, and which are perfect for precision techniques. 

 We provide both brand new and second-hand machine tools that are easy to integrate with the ones already in use. The company’s outsourcing team is constantly looking for state of the art products to put in its catalogue of high-quality yet affordable second-hand products.