Lagun dealers

With over sixty years of experience in the field, Lagun is specialised in manufacturing a complete selection of milling machines, from the traditional kinds to the most modern and technologically advanced ones. Its wide choice of products has been developed over the years in order to meet each and every need of the clientele, whichever may be their line of work.

The Spanish company’s catalogue is mainly made up of big-sized machine tools – both bed type milling machines and provided with a moving column – but it also includes many accessories, such as milling heads, different sized and ranged rotary tables, automatic head changing systems, and the opportunity to increase the number of tools and CPUs.

Lagun is one of the most important leaders in the industrial milling machines’ sector in Europe and there are plenty of Italian clients who have decided to trust its products. The high demand of machine tools by the brand is what convinced ConGri to become dealer for Lagun, whose products are imported to Italy by Synco Srl.

Sale of new and second-hand milling machines by Lagun

Factories that are looking for high-performance and reliable milling machines should choose Lagun’s machines tools. Through ConGri, it is possible to purchase new and second-hand milling machines by the company; each product has specific features that cater to every possible need.

Thanks to the professionalism and the preparation of our staff, we are able to vouch for excellent performance milling machines, even when they have been reconditioned. The machine tools we offer are selected among top-tire products, which allow us to guarantee to whoever buys them that they can boost both performances and security in plants.

Besides direct sales of the products in our warehouse, it is also possible to buy them from the company’s catalogue. Brand new machines are shipped from the company’s headquarters to our location in a matter days, whereas our outsourcing team will immediately look for the requested product and will try to find it as soon as possible.