Muratec dealers

Muratec, the well-known japanese brand, is one of the main manufacturer of turning machine tools. Its top-of-the-range products are frontal twin spindle turning machines and opposed twin spindle turning machines, sought after and purchased all over the world because of their advanced technology.

The company designs machinery that guarantees excellent performances and intense production rates, always in observance of the strict, international regulations. Its long experience in the field has allowed Muratec to acquire an in-depth knowledge that its technicians have been able to transform in highly-dependable machines that can meet every client’s needs.

Muratec’s machinery is equipped with special features which are extremely useful in different work settings in order to carry out precise, mechanic operations. Among the most interesting ones are the loading/unloading mechanism and the opportunity of manufacturing specific series with no need for the presence of an operator. Moreover, features have been designed which allow milling pieces to be finished with motorised turrets, the automatic marking of details during the production chain, and the equipment of almost all products with C and Y axis. 

In ConGri we are dealers in Muratec turning machines, which are imported to Italy by Rossi Macchine Utensili. Muratec’s highly sought-after products always help increasing the productivity and the efficiency of the plants where they are in use.  

Sale of new and second-hand frontal and opposite spindle turning machines by Muratec

ConGri offers the entire selection of Muratec’s twin spindle turning machines to its clients. The many types that are available are all designed with different manufacturing features and sizes, in order to allow everyone to find the most suitable new and second-hand product according to their needs, whether it is a frontal or an opposed twin spindle turning machine.

The selection of both types of products includes machines with integrated gantry loaders, which are able to work on details in different sizes and which do not require the constant surveillance of an operator. Upon request, it is possible to buy Muratec’s new and second-hand turning machines designed to work with special kinds of steel.

Second-hand products can be purchased depending on storage availability, whereas brand new machinery can also be ordered directly from the catalogue.