Lizzini dealers

Lizzini is a company specialised in designing and manufacturing high-precision grinding machines. Renowned all around the world for the quality of its machine tools, Lizzini has always been synonym for precision, speed, and technological innovation. 

This customer satisfaction oriented company offers a wide catalogue that can satisfy all the clients’ demands, given that the brand makes external, internal, and unround grinders.

For over 60 years this company has been an international leader in the high-precision machine tools field. All over the world Lizzini means reliability, safety, versatility, user-friendliness, and products that can be used in a plethora of work settings. Thanks to these strong foundations, the company is able to provide top-tier performance grinding machines.  

Lizzini’s flagships are its tailor-made products. All the company’s machine tools allow roughing and finishing processes, as well as to work with more than one grinder.

The great demand for Lizzini’s grinding machines has brought ConGri to the decision of becoming dealer for the brand.

Sale of new and second-hand grinders by Lizzini

Who is looking for new or second-hand grinding machines by Lizzini can find in ConGri the ideal partner to turn to. Thanks to its close collaboration with the manufacturer, which provides the machinery upon request, and the outsourcing team, which is made of highly-qualified technicians that are always searching for new products to include in our catalogue, our company has a plentiful, and constantly refurbished supply of machines.