BCM dealer

Whoever works in the industrial sector has certainly heard of BCM. After its establishment in 1992, in just a few decades, Besana Costruzione Macchine has become a leading reality in the production of deep drilling machines.

The company has specialised in designing and producing drilling machines, which are essential in order to manufacture and refinish widely used products, such as industrial moulds. The characteristics that make BCM’s drilling machines top-tier products are: their high level of customisation, which allows customers to work on every kind of material, their efficiency, their reliability, and their precision.

In order to always guarantee flawless performances, BCM employs CAD/CAM systems to manufacture its drilling machines. Computer-assisted production helps creating high-performance machine tools, perfect for every line of work.

An indisputable example of Italian excellence, BCM can be found all over the world. ConGri is a dealer for BCM. 

Sale of new and second-hand drilling machines by BCM

Through ConGri it is possible to buy a wide selection of drilling machines by BCM provided with indexed rotary tables and tilting heads. On of the most interesting benefits of the Italian company’s products is the presence of a milling head tool changer, which helps prepping the piece; it wouldn’t be wise missing such an opportunity to improve the performance of one’s plants. 

Brand new drilling machines by BCM can be purchased according to their availability visiting our warehouse or ordering from the catalogue. The products are tested and delivered by our staff as soon as possible. Alternatively, one can also buy second-hand gundrill machines. Opting for this type of machinery allows clients to find the perfect fit for their needs, no matter whether they are technical or budget related.