Castek dealers

Innovation, willingness to rise to every challenge, and detail orientation are the key factors that have made Castek one of the most relevant names in the vertical lathes field in about twenty years.

The Italian company offers state-of-the-art products that feature advanced mechanical, electronic, and executive performances. Castek’s vertical lathes are a technological masterpiece. The great care taken during the designing step is what allows the company’s products to guarantee the best production rates and to perform a plethora of procedures on a single piece without removing it from the machine. 

The company’s goal has always been to provide custumised, high-quality products that can satisfy even the most complex requests. Each machine is designed and built following the client’s specifications in order to grand an all around satisfactory customer experience and the highest production rates in the field.

Nowadays, Castek’s machine tools are present in many European and extra European Countries and they are leaders in different industrial fields such as the energetic one, and the railway, naval, and aeronautic industries. ConGri is a dealer for Castek.

Sale of vertical lathes by Castek

Castek’s products are a perfect match for whoever is looking for vertical lathes that grant high mechanical reliability rates, executive accuracy, and technological innovation.

Through ConGri it is possible to buy both new vertical lathes and reconditioned, second-hand ones by Castek. Our company, which sells not only in Italy but all over the world, offers different types of machines, from the stand alone ones to those that are fitted to be integrated in automated milling and turning systems.

All the brand new machine tools can be ordered with ConGri’s assistance directly from Castek, in order to allow the client to have their purchase tailored on their specific needs. The machines can be equipped with different extras, such as C-axis with milling head, Y-axis, and pallet system.

Moreover, in our warehouse second-hand vertical lathes are also available, which have already been selected, tested, and refurbished by our technician so to provide great deals to our clients.