Ops Ingersoll dealer

Ops Ingersoll, a German company headquartered in Burbach, is one of the most well-known firm that manufactures machine tools and moulds in the world. What has lead the company to become one of the most prominent in the field is the efficiency of its products and its wide selection, which make Ops Ingersoll the ideal partner for a plethora of differently specialised societies.

Ops Ingersoll’s strengths are the quality of its products, its expertise, and a team of professionals driven to find cutting edge solutions, which are able not only to speed up production, but also to make it more accurate in order to completely satisfy the client in every situation, and to improve workplace safety.

Behind every new Ops Ingersoll project there is the willingness to guide the clientele towards success and set goals: with the help of the German company’s products it is extremely easy to become leaders in any given field.

ConGri is a dealer for Ops Ingersoll, a brand which is imported to Italy by Astel S.r.l. With our assistance, customers are sure to purchase state of the art machine tools that will help them improve the performance rates of their plants.

Sale of new and second-hand machine tools by Ops Ingersoll

Reliable results, top efficiency, and highly durable products, Ops Ingersoll is all of this and much more. Provided with a 2000 square metres warehouse, ConGri is the ideal partner for whoever wants to buy new and second-hand machine tools by Ops Ingersoll.

Our company’s team of technicians is always ready to offer ad hoc consultations in order to help every customer to find the most fitting products according to their needs. Clients can purchase the items they are interested in ordering from the catalogue, in which case the products come directly from Ops Ingersoll, or choosing among the selection of second-hand machine tools in our warehouse.