AccuteX dealer

With more than 26 years’ worth of experience, AccuteX has developed state of the art technologies in the wire cut EDM production field, which have made the company one of the most important in the world. 

The quality, sturdiness, reliability, and precision of AccuteX’s machine tools are internationally recognised, which makes these products widely popular among specialised clients in different industrial sectors. The performances of the brand’s machinery are always excellent, whatever the load and the working conditions.

The company offers a wide selection of products, which includes both standard models and models with a highly-complex CNC technology. There are seven main product lines, each one characterised by unique features, in order to guarantee the widest choice possible and the chance to find the perfect match for each client’s needs. The features that set all of AccuteX’s offerings apart are speed, precision, and a high-level of customisation: the results achievable through Accutex’s EDMs cannot be compared to any other. 

ConGri is a dealer for AccuteX. To import its products we rely on Astel S.r.l., a company located in Vicenza which has been very successful in this field over the years.

Sale of new and second-hand EDMs by AcuteX

Clients who turn to ConGri for the purchase of new and second-hand EDMs by AccuteX know that they can count on a large stock of different models of machine tools, which can meet every request of theirs.

The catalogue dedicated to new products includes state of the art wire cut EDMs, which have been designed to improve manufacturing quality and safety, and to better meet the standards of the market. All the products can be customised and equipped according to client’s requests directly in AccuteX’s premises. 

The selection of second-hand machine tools by AccuteX that ConGri offers to its clients represent an interesting alternative for every company that is looking for high-quality yet affordable EDMs, which are also prompt delivery and discontinued. All second-hand products have been selected and tested by specialised technicians.