Tos Varnsdorf dealers

Tos Varnsdorf is one of the most important European companies in the machine tools field. The firm is specialised in designing and manufacturing column milling machines and big-sized boning machines.

Established in 1903, Tos Varnsdorf comes from a long tradition and experience that are used to provide long durability machinery, whose quality is recognised all around the world. Tos Varnsdorf’s machine tools are characterised by top-quality performance, cutting edge design, and great reliability. Another important features of the company’s products is their high-level customisation, which ensures customers that their purchase can perfectly cater to their needs and those of their plants.

Furthermore, the versatility of these machines – which can be employed in different work settings such as the transport sector, the energetic sector, the machinery manufacturing sector, and industries in general – is another important feature of theirs.

The efficiency of Tos Varnsdorf’s machinery is one of the reasons of its high-demand in different Countries, such as Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Russia, and China. The supply of Tos Varnsdorf’s products in Italy is guaranteed by ConGri, dealer for the brand, and by Syncro, the Italian importer. 

Sale of new and second-hand machine tools by Tos Varnsdorf

With more than 19000 machines installed all over the world, Tos Varnsdorf has conquered the clients’ trust thanks to the quality of its products. Following the Nordic tradition, the brand’s machine tools are sturdy and oversized, and ensure rigidity and sturdiness because of their linear rails. The company’s catalogue includes a wide choice of products of different kinds, such as horizontal milling machines, horizontal boring machines, and machine centres. In addition, are available many attachments: traditional quills in different diameters, 2-axis heads, accessories, milling heads, plates for vertical milling, rotary tables, and head changing systems.

In ConGri’s warehouse are available many types of milling and boring machines, both new and second-hand, by Tos Varnsdorf. While visiting our plant, clients can see for themselves the quality of the offerings and buy the products that better fit their needs. All second-hand machines, after being selected by our well-prepared outsourcing team and reconditioned, are available for a try-out.