M.C.M. dealers

M.C.M – Madar Costruzioni Macchine – has been internationally recognised as one of the most important companies that manufactures big-sized lathes. Its core business is represented by the design and production of both conventional horizontal lathes and models equipped with CNC, which are all customised in order to guarantee multiprocessing integration and to answer even the most complex production requests. 

In less than ten years, M.C.M. has conquered a pivotal role and become fundamental for the companies in the field thanks to the technological innovation of each product and its attention to even the smallest detail, which make their machinery highly functional and reliable. M.C.M.’s lathes can be of use in every work setting and this is one of the reason why they are considered among the best ones all over the world.

The company’s great professionalism and the excellent quality of its machine tools have made ConGri decide to become dealer in M.C.M. products.

Sale of new and second-hand conventional, and CNC provided horizontal lathes by M.C.M

Who buys M.C.M.’s lathes, both new and second-hand, knows that they are working with machine tools that are designed to ensure top-quality performances, in relation to both productivity and precision.

The selection of lathes offered by the company includes five lines: ATL, Five Star, Handy, TC e VM; each of them has been developed in order to best meet customer needs with the help of customised configuration systems. Variations of the available machines: 5 star, CNC, conventional, and special.

Going through ConGri to purchase brand new M.C.M’s lathes allows one to choose between all the products in the catalogue, which are to be shipped by us to the location specified in the order. Furthermore, whoever decides for second-hand lathes by M.C.M. will be pleased with their purchase: we provide only high-quality machinery, reconditioned and tested by our technicians.