Victor Taichun dealers

Since its foundation in 1954, Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd has been a leading force in the production of lethes and machine centres field. The company has always stood out for its attention to research and development and to the design of advanced technological systems meant to improve the performance of their machinery.

Everywhere in the world Victor Taichung stands for sturdiness, and this is possible only thanks to the design of its home-made products and the company’s in-home foundry. Furthermore, Victor Taichung still manufactures its machinery in a traditional way: on linear rails and, in some models, replacing the most common turcite with the cast iron on steel method to make them glide. The company also fits many machines with range change mechanisms, designed and produced entirely in-home, in order to guarantee the highest level of reliability. 

Nowadays, Victor Taichung is known all over the world for its high-speed, high-precision machinery and for the great amount of procedures carried out by its products. These features make them the perfect choice for highly-competitive settings; the company’s main goal is to manufacture extremely sophisticated machine tools that can be a pivotal asset for the buyers.

In order to guarantee a widespread distribution of the horizontal and vertical lathes, and of the machine centres, and a careful and prompt maintenance service, the company has built an extensive network of distributors all over the world. ConGri is one of the brand’s dealers. 

Horizontal and vertical lathes, and new and second-hand machine centres by Victor Taichung

ConGri has a large stock of not only horizontal and vertical lathes, but also both new and second-hand machine centres by Victor Taichung, the best asian manufacturer of machine tools. To employ their products in one’s plant is the safest and wisest choice.

Victor Taichung is certified ISO 9001 and all the products are made with Meehanite cast iron, in order to guarantee top sturdiness and stability.

The list of both new and second-hand CNC lathes and machine centres available in our warehouse is thorough, so to meet every client’s needs. Besides brand new products, which can also be ordered after consulting the company’s catalogue, ConGri’s outsourcing team is always looking for reconditioned second-hand machinery in excellent condition for its clients.