Buy your Nakamura lathe from ConGri Macchine Utensili



Buy your Nakamura machine tools from ConGri Macchine Utensili

Nakamura – Tome is a world leader in the manufacturing of high-quality multitasking lathes. All multitasking machines from this renowned Japanese manufacturer are highly requested for their ability to reduce cycle times and eliminate extra processes.

 Nakamura lathes have unique and highly innovative functions

Nakamura-Tome lathes are equipped with exclusive and highly innovative functions. They can be purchased used at very affordable prices from ConGri Macchine Utensili, the reference company for those who are looking for advanced machine tools, especially in the areas of Milan and Varese. At ConGri, you can find not only new machine tools but also top-quality second-hand machines that easily integrate with all the systems already in use in your company. Thanks to the work of our outsourcing team, we include in our catalogue only the latest generation products with an excellent quality/price ratio.

At ConGri Macchine Utensili, you will find both new and used top-quality machine tools

Our company is based in the province of Varese and has always represented the brands of some of the best companies operating in the manufacturing of industrial machinery both nationally and internationally such as C.B. Ferrari, Victor-Taichung, Muratec, Rosa Ermando, Favretto, Lizzini, MCM, Lagun, Tos Varnsdorf, BCM, Castek, AccuteX and OPS Ingersoll.

Precisely for this reason, ConGri represents a real point of reference for all companies from all over the world that are looking for cutting-edge machine tools of different kinds, both new and used. All the second-hand Nakamura lathes and machine tools in the ConGri catalogue are among the best on the market and guarantee excellent performance even in the most precise machining operations where maximum safety is required.

Buy your used Nakamura lathes from ConGri Macchine Utensili

Nakamura-Tome lathes are machines used all over the world to carry out the most complex operations without the need for human supervision and with the possibility of being supported by a bar feeder. This type of lathe is characterized by unique functions such as a user-friendly operator panel, production control and troubleshooting and operation control functions that ensure maximum efficiency for the user.

ConGri Macchine Utensili sells the best Nakamura lathes with Iemca bar loaders.

ConGri Macchine Utensili supplies second-hand quality machinery such as used Nakamura-Tome lathes. The used Nakamura lathes in the ConGri catalogue have the automatic Boss bar feeder, the world’s best-selling long bar feeder with over 30,000 units installed. It is manufactured by IEMCA, an Italian company that created the world’s first automatic bar feeder in 1961 and is now the world leader in the production of automatic bar feeders. The IEMCA product range is the widest available on the market.

Second-hand CNC BNE 51 SY5 Miyano lathe with Iemca bar feeder

The CNC BNE 51 SY5 Miyano lathe by Nakamura with the Iemca bar feeder is a 2009 model. It has an automatic Boss 542 bar feeder by Iemca, an automatic bar feeder with a very solid structure, which is also very easy to use. The Boss 542 bar feeder is suitable for both fixed headstock lathes, sliding headstock lathes and bars from 5 to 42 mm in diameter and 1,000 to 4,400 mm in length.

The used Miyano BNE 51 SY5 CNC lathe with the Boss 542 bar feeder by Iemca sold by ConGri Macchine Utensili has the main spindle with bar passage 51 mm., Power in kW. 15, revolutions 50-5.000 min.1, a turret with 12 tool positions all motorized, strokes X 175 mm. Z 380 mm. Y +- 40 mm, another turret with 12 tool positions all motorized, strokes X 145 mm. Z 175 mm. Motorized tools: min. Rpm 0-6000 / Power 2.2-8.3 kW. Fanuc. control

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Used Miyano CNC lathe model BNJ-42 S with Iemca bar feeder 

This beautiful 2011 Nakamura-Tome used lathe that is part of ConGri Macchine Utensili’s catalogue is one of the best Nakamura machine tools available. The Boss 545 loader guarantees excellent positioning accuracy and configurability thanks to the CNC module. Also, the double bar pusher maintains the loading cycle and allows to reduce the overall dimensions of the loader. The Iemca Boss 545 bar feeder model is also configurable and adaptable to all lathes on the market today.

The used Miyano CNC lathe model BNJ-42 S complete with the Boss 545 bar feeder by Iemca has the main spindle with bar passage 42 mm. / Power in kW. 7,5-11 / rev. 67-5000 rev. min, from the secondary spindle with bar passage 42 mm. / Power in kW. 3.7-5.5 / rpm 67-5000 rev. min, from the first turret on the main spindle with 12 tool positions/strokes X 142 Z 250 mm and from the second turret on the secondary spindle with six tool positions. Fanuc. This Nakamura machine tool is sold equipped with various tool holders, gripper holders and reduction bushings.

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At ConGri Macchine Utensili, you will find used Nakamura quality machine tools. Take a look at our online catalogue and choose the used Nakamura lathe for your company. Our team will be at your complete disposal to give you all the information about it and to suggest the most suitable model for your needs and your budget.

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