Grinding machines by Rosa Ermando: to buy both new and second-hand ones, ask ConGri



ConGri and Rosa Ermando, two Italian excellences

The reliability of their tools and machinery is one of the key factors at play for an entrepreneur to be successful, whichever may be their field of work. With this indisputable fact in mind, ConGri, an Italian company located in Gerenzano, has specialised in supplying highly preforming machine tools and over the years has become the ideal partner for a plethora of companies from all over the world.

Because of their well-known reliability and functionality, grinding machines by Rosa Ermando are one of the many high-quality products ConGri proudly provides to its clients. The Italian company, established in 1964, has spent the last fifty decades trying to improve its own machinery, employing technologies more and more sophisticated each year, so much so that it is now considered a leader in the field.

Buy your grinding machines by Rosa Ermando from ConGri

Being official dealers for the brand, ConGri is able to supply Rosa Ermando grinding machines to all those businessmen who want to purchase only the best machine tools on the market for their company. All their products stand out not only for the quality of their performances, but also for how safe they are for the workers who use them. For these reasons they are seen as much more than simple tools, but rather as sound investments. 

In its catalogue ConGri has not only one type of Rosa Ermando grinding machines, but the entire selection of products by the company located in Rescaldina, near Milan. Those interested can now provide their factories with edgewheel grinders, creep-feed grinders, universal grinders and many others.

The grinding machines by Rosa Ermando that can be purchased at ConGri’s headquarters are able to satisfy the needs of different kinds of companies: manual tools and those more technologically advanced (such as those provided with CNC control for automatic cycles with linear dressing and those fitted with CNC control for automatic cycle with wheel profiling, are both available). Moreover, one can also buy machines provided with rotary tables, and single and double-column grinding machines. 

Therefore, ConGri certainly has the type of grinding machine more suitable for your company and its production. If you need a piece of advice to select the one that perfectly matches your needs, trust our dealers’ experience and expertise; no one knows better than them each feature of the products we carry.

Take a look at ConGri’s selection of second-hand grinding machines by Rosa Ermando

Another incredibly useful service provided by ConGri it is the retail of second-hand machine tools. In the retailer’s warehouses several second-hand grinding machines by Rosa Ermando are available and are ready to be purchased. Our technicians are also specialised in the evaluation of second-hand machinery, so we can guarantee that all our machine tools are in perfect conditions and that they can be safely purchased.

Buying second-hand grinding machines by Rosa Ermando can be not only a good way to save some money, but it can also save your time. This may be the case when an old and now out of production piece of machinery suddenly breaks and it has to be replaced; in order to not fall further behind, replacing the broken machine tool with the same one can help, especially because this way the workers don’t have to learn how to use a new model. Furthermore, ConGri chooses the second-hand grinding machines included in its catalogue with great care: they are as safe and reliable as brand new ones!

For your Rosa Ermando grinding machines ask ConGri, the entire staff will help you select the models more suitable for your company!