ConGri has all OMV machine centres you need!



OMV machine centres: where to find them


Are you looking for some OMV machine centres and do you want to buy them from a trustworthy retailer? You’re in the right place; ConGri is a company headquartered in Gerenzano specialised in selling machine tools by Italian and foreigner brands known on the international scene for their quality and the improved productivity they guarantee to every facility that employs them. 


Purchasing your machine centres or any other piece of machinery from ConGri will give you the certainty of a partnership with a leader in the field. Try and ask around in Milan’s and Varese’s areas, you’ll find a lot of our satisfied clients that will explain way better than we’d ever be able to why we are the best at our job. We don’t work exclusively with companies from Lombardia, though; over the years, ConGri has become an example of excellence in Italy and the entire world


ConGri and its complete service


The selection of services we offer is broad and varied so we can meet everyone’s needs. Do you need new machinery by the most sought-after brands? No problem, ConGri is an official retailer for many state-of-the-art companies such as Rosa Ermando, C.B. Ferrari, and Tos Varnsdorf. Thanks to years-long partnerships, we’re able to provide you with any product you want for your factory. 


Among our bestsellers, there are lathes, vertical and horizontal machine centres, CNC and manual milling machines, and many kinds of grinders. Every company can get hold of the best tool to boost performances and productivity.


ConGri’s high-quality second-hand machines: buy your OMV machine centres from us


At the same time, we offer a complete service also to those businessmen who want to buy second-hand machine tools. We’re well aware that many business people can only afford pre-owned machinery. For this reason, we’ve always been committed to providing products that are not only good quality, but that can also compete with brand new ones. 


At the moment, in the section or our warehouse dedicated to second-hand machinery, there are many products from the most renowned brands, such as OMV machine centres. Come and take a look at our extensive offerings to see for yourself what may very well become your most sound investments. 


For example, a pre-owned OMV machine centre is now available, and it has already piqued the interest of many experts. We’re talking about an H320 vertical moving column machine centre, which features a continuous head +90°- 180°.


Like all other second-hand machine tools we sell, also this one has been tested by our technicians, and thus guaranteed in its functionality. It’s a great deal: a product by one of the most well-known Italian brands in perfect conditions at a very interesting price! 


Come and visit our facility in Gerenzano to know more about the other OMV machine centres we have.