Second-hand, vertical lathes: at ConGri you can also find Procast products



Second-hand, vertical lathes and their role in the manufacture industry

Over the past few years, the machine tool industry has welcomed many innovations that have introduced even more precision and efficiency. After all, there are plenty of companies that use this kind of machinery, and every single one of them is crucially important to Italy’s economy.

Machine tools such as machine centres and grinders are fundamental to factories as much as the people who work on them. In a plant, there is nothing worse than a sudden malfunction of one of these machines. In a situation like this, not only there would be a financial loss due to the inevitable stop in production but also an unexpected cost for the substitution of the faulty tool. 

The cost of machine tools has always been one of the most burdensome problems for entrepreneurs everywhere: if on the one hand, it would be impossible to keep up without suitable equipment, on the other one, it can’t be denied how expensive it is. It is at this point that companies such as ConGri come into play, leaders in the machinery industry not only as retailers of brand new products but also of second-hand, vertical lathes and many more pre-owned tools

ConGri’s second-hand vertical lathes and other pre-owned machine tools

To meet the needs of every type of client, the company headquartered in Gerenzano has decided to expand its choice by selling pre-owned machine tools. Who needs them doesn’t have to buy a brand-new product anymore, but they can also opt for a second-hand vertical lathe. This way, they can save money and still have high-quality machinery

Yes, because one thing ConGri will never compromise on is the quality of its products, be them brand new or pre-owned ones. All second-hand vertical lathes in our warehouse are carefully controlled and tested to verify their functionality. But there’s more; we do not just guarantee a perfectly working second-hand vertical lathe to the client but also a product that can compete with the most recent ones. 

Second-hand vertical lathes: our models by Procast

Another reason to choose ConGri’s pre-owned machine tools, besides saving money and quality, is the wide offerings always available at our headquarter. Our well-stocked warehouse includes many types of machining centres and grinders by the most renowned brands. It’s even possible to purchase a Procast second-hand vertical lathe for a very good price. 

Over the years, many have been the models of lathes by Procast that have helped Italian and international firms to improve efficiency and productivity. Today, thanks to ConGri and its second-hand selling service, you can employ the quality and innovation of this brand in your plant buying one of our second-hand vertical lathes. 

Right now, in our warehouse, two different types of Procast second-hand vertical lathes are available, and both of them are in excellent conditions. The first one is a classic 2006 vertical lathe, perfectly functioning and ready to get back to work. The second one, instead, is a 2 pallet second-hand vertical lathe, very useful to improve production rates. 

One of ConGri’s most appreciated features is transparency: if you’re interested in a Procast second-hand vertical lathe, you can visit our warehouse and see for yourself the condition of our pre-owned products. Here, you’ll also find an extremely competent staff who’ll suggest the perfect model for your needs.