Why you should invest in second-hand Samsung lathe: all the advantages of buying second hand machinery from ConGri



A Samsung lathe for quality production

In the world of machine tools, lathes play a central role in the production of many factories in a wide variety of sectors. Their great importance means that in the event of a breakdown, their repair or, in the most severe cases, replacement must be carried out very quickly in order to avoid prolonged machine downtime. 

In these times of crisis, however, not many entrepreneurs can afford to buy a brand new Samsung lathe; although essential, these machines represent a huge investment that weighs significantly on the company’s balance sheet.

So how to not compromise the pace of production and at the same time avoid spending too much money? A smart solution could be purchasing a used Samsung lathe. In recent years, more and more machine tool retailers have decided to expand their catalogues with a section specifically dedicated to quality second-hand machines.

One of the first to realise the revolutionary potential of the second-hand market was the company headquartered in Gerenzano ConGri S.r.l.. Among the various services offered to its vast clientele, there is also the retail of used machine tools by the best brands. At our warehouse, for example, you can now find a second-hand Samsung lathe as good as new. 

Where can you find a second-hand Samsung lathe in perfect condition?

Devid and Antonio – the owners of ConGri – have always wanted to provide the best possible service to their customers. In some cases, this translates into the selection of the most reliable and cutting-edge brands among machine tool manufacturers in order to offer the most innovative machinery around. In other cases, however, the idea behind our company leads us to identify models such as the second-hand Samsung lathe now in our possession, a used product in excellent condition. 

After all, there are a large number of machine tools that are still working but are no longer employed by the factories that originally purchased them. The reasons can be different, from machine upgrades to shutdowns; in any case, ConGri buys, among other things, machining centres, grinding machines, vertical lathes and then resells them to other companies. The research and selection work of the Italian company is very important so that entrepreneurs are guaranteed only high-performance models.

ConGri tasks its team of specialised technicians with testing our purchase beforehand. These expert professionals are the reason why our warehouse is always so well stocked with second-hand machine tools produced by the most appreciated brands in the field, such as the Samsung lathe we have already mentioned before. 

If you need a Samsung lathe, ConGri can give you a hand

One of the most popular models of second-hand machinery in our warehouse today is a used Samsung lathe; to be more precise, we’re talking about a Samsung horizontal lathe model PL-2500. One of the features that we are sure our customers will be very interested in is the presence of a combined Fanuc anthropomorphic robot.

The purchase of this Samsung lathe is a real deal: we are talking about a 2015 model, so a very recent one, fully functional and able to keep up with newer machines. The lathe is equipped with a spindle and a counter spindle; it also includes many accessories that will make the factory work much easier, such as a belt chip evacuator and an aspirator with AR filter, in addition of course to the very useful and innovative Fanuc robot

People who would like to see our second-hand Samsung lathe can contact us by following the instructions available in the “contacts” section of our website and request a visit to the factory that has it in use.