Second-hand multi-brand lathes: you’ll find the best one at ConGri



ConGri S.r.l. is the ideal supplier of second-hand multi-brand lathes

In the whole area of Varese and Milan, there is only one company to turn to for the purchase of second-hand multi-brand lathes in perfect working order: ConGri S.r.l.. Over the years, the Gerenzano-based company has become a real point of reference for the entire industrial production sector, thanks to the sale of top quality machine tools, whether brand new or second-hand.

One of the advantages of using a company like ConGri is the possibility of purchasing machinery that can revolutionise the productivity of plants for the better, whatever the budget their owners have. In particular, the vast selection of used machine tools made available to customers has proved to be a real “game changer” in the market, since the sale of quality second-hand machines allows even those who cannot afford large investments to remain competitive. 

Among the machines that ConGri’s customers are most interested in there are certainly lathes, extremely versatile machines that are fundamental in many fields. As mentioned above, our company offers both new models by the best brands, from Victor Taichung to MCM, and second-hand models made by the most popular brands in the sector

In this article, we would like to introduce you to three models of used multi-brand lathes, currently in our well-stocked warehouse, which we are sure will be very useful for improving the performance of your plant or even just to replace any faulty machinery. 

Used Lathes: Doosan Puman TW2600M-GL Lathe

The first lathe we have decided to talk about is an exclusive, recently manufactured product. In fact, the Doosan Puman TW2600M-GL Lathe for sale at our premises is a 2017 model in perfect condition. It is a frontal twin-spindle lathe, ideal to be used for multiple types of production. 

There are many technical features that make the Doosan Puman TW2600M-GL Lathe a particularly interesting machine; for example, it is equipped with motorised tool turrets and a Gantry Loader that allows parts to be loaded and unloaded automatically. 

But there are also other accessories that can enhance the performance of any plant in which this machine is used, such as a belt-type chip conveyor, a palletiser for unmachined parts and two standard chucks

Used lathes: Victor Taichung VT46/165 turning machine

Another product that is sure to make a difference in your facility is the Victor Taichung VT46/165 lathe from one of the most popular manufacturers in the machine tool industry. The model in question is a very special and well-structured horizontal lathe

We recommend purchasing the Victor Taichung VT46/165 Lathe if your company deals with heavy-duty removal work, as its gearbox with four power ranges makes it perfect for this task. In addition, the model also includes a standard tool holder, a belt-type chip conveyor, a hydraulic chuck and a hydraulic tailstock with rotating sleeve and fixed headstock. 

What makes the Victor Taichung VT46/165 particularly interesting is that although it was built in 2008, it was only used for under head work and never for tailstock work.

Second-hand lathes: CMZ TL20 CNC lathe

We would like to conclude with a truly incredible product: the CMZ TL20 CNC lathe. The purchase of this machine from 2001 is a real bargain, as it has recently been serviced by  CMZ. At the request of the previous owner at the beginning of the year, among other things, the X-axis bearings were replaced, the turret geometries were realigned and the control unit was replaced. 

Also included in the price is a one-year maintenance contract with CMZ. If you are interested in the CMZ TL20 CNC lathe, ConGri offers you the chance to see it at work at the user’s premises.

If you would like to know more about any of these three machines or the other second-hand products in our stock, please contact us by filling in the contact form on our website.