Second-hand lathes for sale: find the best ones at ConGri



ConGri S.r.l. and its second-hand lathes for sale

In the world of machine tools, there is no company better known and appreciated for its second-hand lathe sales service than ConGri S.r.l.. In our many years of activity, in fact, we have distinguished ourselves for the quality of our second-hand products, succeeding in demonstrating that it is not necessary to purchase new machinery in order to have an efficient and competitive plant. 

Since ConGri decided to offer its customers second-hand lathes for sale, entrepreneurs working in the field have discovered the existence of many pieces of equipment still in perfect working order that can improve the performance of their factories. This is why our warehouse is always full of second-hand machine tool models of all kinds, from machining centres to grinding machines

What’s more, at ConGri you will only find models made by the world’s best manufacturers. Rosa Ermando, Favoretto, Biglia, and Samsung are just some of the brands whose quality our customers can discover by purchasing used parallel lathes on sale at our establishment. 

All the advantages of ConGri’s second-hand lathes for sale

The sale of used CNC lathes is certainly one of the services that has proved most popular with our many customers over the years. It’s easy to understand why: buying the right equipment for quality production is one of the most important expenses a businessman has to face, especially when it comes to brand new machines. The sale of used lathes therefore opens up a world of opportunities even for small entrepreneurs.

The used vertical lathes for sale at our premises are known for their excellent condition. Before acquiring a machine, we make sure that it is still perfectly working, so as to guarantee the best possible performance. We are only able to do this thanks to a team of specialised professionals who have all the necessary qualifications and experience to assess second-hand lathes, grinding machines and machining centres. 

By buying our second-hand lathes for sale, therefore, you have the advantage of saving on the price of the machine without having to compromise on the quality of its work. This is particularly important when there is a sudden breakdown and a replacement is needed, as unforeseen expenses are never welcome, especially when they place such a heavy burden on a company’s budget. Furthermore, by opting for a second-hand machine you can also count on models that your workers already know how to use, thus halving downtime. 

Second-hand lathes for sale: all models available at ConGri

At ConGri’s warehouse, customers can always find a large number of used machine tool models. Among the most popular are certainly second-hand parallel lathes for sale. At the moment, for example, you can buy two models of Procast lathes in perfect condition, one of which has two pallets. By taking advantage of an absolutely unbeatable price, you will have at your service the quality of one of the brands that have made history in our industry. 

But ConGri also sells used CNC lathes. If you want to take advantage of our offerings, we suggest visiting the appropriate page on our official website; here you will find all the models currently available in our warehouses.