Forte sewing machines: ConGri offers the best second-hand models



ConGri S.r.l. is also a retailer of Forte sawing machines

ConGri Macchine Utensili S.r.l. has always been known for its incredible retail service for new and used products. Thanks to the passion and dedication of its team and its desire to offer products that can be of help to owners of production facilities, the company has managed to become one of the most important in the entire industry. 

What our customers particularly appreciate about ConGri is the fact that we always try to respond to their requests in the best possible way, catering for their companies’ every need. This is why an important part of our business is the sale of second-hand machines

Our warehouse is the best stocked in the area for second-hand machine tools of all kinds. You can turn to ConGri to purchase second-hand lathes, grinding machines, and machining centres made by the best Italian and foreign manufacturers. We can even provide you with Forte sawing machines in perfect condition to put to work straight away!

Why you should buy Forte sawing machines from ConGri S.r.l.

If you are an entrepreneur in the manufacturing industry and you are looking for a second-hand Forte sawing machine, ConGri is the right retailer for you. In fact, the Gerenzano-based company specialises in selling second-hand machinery to all those people who, for budget or production strategy reasons, prefer to avoid buying brand-new products. 

Forte sawing machines – even second-hand ones – are among the best machine tools of this type and can significantly improve the performance of the plants in which they are employed. In fact, there is no Italian manufacturer capable of building more robust and reliable sawing machines than Forte, a brand that for many has become a synonym for quality.

At this time the experts at ConGri recommend purchasing the Forte model SBA 361/S sawing machine from our warehouse. Those lucky enough to buy this innovative machine will immediately notice an improvement in the productivity level of their company. 

On our official website you can have a look at the data sheet of the Forte sawing machine model SBA 361/S; however we can anticipate that it is a two-column machine in excellent condition. The second-hand Forte sawing machine we are talking about is also equipped with a Swarf Evacuator with belt and a roller conveyor bar holder.

Interested in this particular model? ConGri also gives you the opportunity to see it in action at the factory that is currently using it. Contact us at this link for an appointment.