Used CNC machine tools: here’s ConGri’s best models



Used CNC machine tools: what they are and why they are needed

Used CNC machine tools are one of the greatest resources in the manufacturing sector. Thanks to a computerised mechanism, their use leads to a significant improvement in the performance of any production plant in terms of both quality and efficiency. In fact, it is now more than certain that in factories where used CNC machines are employed, the number of human errors is considerably reduced as is the amount of wastes.

Buying used CNC machines is therefore one of the smartest investments an entrepreneur can make to make his company successful or ensure that it continues to play a key role in its particular industry. 

Up until a few decades ago, this type of equipment was only used for specific processes, especially when it came to precision; nowadays, however, used CNC machine tools have found their way into the majority of plants across the country. With the advancement of technology applied to the manufacturing sector, moreover, the quality of their work has greatly improved.

ConGri offers the best used CNC machine tools

Knowing how important it is to be able to count on computerised machine tools, the Gerenzano-based company ConGri S.r.l. has decided to offer its customers used CNC machine tools in perfect condition and fully operational. Our warehouse is always full of all reconditioned models made by the world’s most famous brands. 

Tools such as those used in the manufacturing sector are decidedly expensive; it is therefore clear that the presence of a retailer such as ConGri S.r.l. who also specialises in the sale of high-quality second-hand machines is a great advantage for many. Our used CNC machine tools can absolutely be compared with the latest generation one. 

An indispensable element in any production facility is a CNC lathe. Among those that can already be purchased at our premises, we recommend those made by Biglia and Miyano. We invite you to visit us to discover all the qualities of models such as the Biglia B56 S2M four-axis CNC lathe and the Miyano BNJ-42S CNC lathe

However, ConGri S.r.l. also offers other types of used CNC machine tools. Among these, grinding machines, another fundamental machine in the manufacturing industry, are always of great interest. Do not miss the opportunity to buy at a very competitive price our Morara Quick Grinder I 700 CNC, one of the most popular models.

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