Second-hand CNC lathes: let’s talk about ConGri and its quality products



Why you should buy second-hand CNC lathes from ConGri S.r.l.

Among the machine tools that a factory must have there are certainly second-hand CNC lathes. These machine tools are fundamental for increasing the productivity of many types of companies that want to be competitive and relevant within their own field. 

But where can you buy a second-hand CNC lathe in perfect condition? Ideally, you should find a company that specialises in the sale of this type of machine tools and especially of used models. This is the only way to ensure that entrepreneurs can have tools that are in perfect condition, even if they have already been used in other production facilities. 

In recent years, the number of businesses that have decided to expand into this interesting sector, including the sale of second-hand CNC lathes, has increased considerably. However, it is always better to rely on companies with a great deal of experience in the acquisition and marketing of second-hand CNC lathes and other machine tools. 

In Lombardy, one of the most appreciated companies for this service is undoubtedly ConGri S.r.l., a real go-to place for owners of factories of all kinds when it comes to machine tools. ConGri, in fact, is known for being one of the first retailers of this type of products in the area and for having brought the most important international manufacturers of second-hand CNC lathes to Gerenzano. 

The Lombardy-based company offers its customers not only pre-owned models, but also state-of-the-art equipment that has just left the factory. The beauty of a company like ours, therefore, is to offer each customer exactly what they need; to those who cannot afford a new machine or want to invest their money in a different way, we offer the opportunity to buy a second-hand CNC lathe that is as reliable and fully functional as if it were new. 

Second-hand CNC lathes: discovering the most interesting models at ConGri

If you are looking for a second-hand CNC lathe that you can put to work immediately in your plant, we suggest that you visit us in Gerenzano. One of the advantages we offer our customers is the security of having a warehouse full of the best pre-owned machine tools at their disposal.

Choosing which second-hand CNC lathes are right for our customers is the job of our team of professionals, all of them with years of experience in this field. Only specialised technicians take care of searching for the models to be purchased and brought to our warehouse; among the many machines that are proposed to us every day, we identify those that are still able to guarantee excellent performance and, if necessary, we personally repair them to make them even more efficient. 

Are you curious about the second-hand CNC lathes in our warehouse? Well, we have so many, and all of them by the best brands, that we are sure we can meet all your needs. For example, a model that we are sure will interest many people is the Biglia B56 S2M 4-axis CNC lathe with bar feeder. Visit the dedicated section of our website to see the many photos of this machine created by one of Italy’s best known brands. 

Another interesting alternative is the Miyano BNJ-42S CNC lathe. This model differs from other second-hand CNC lathes in our stock because it comes complete with an Iemca Boss 456 bar feeder, making it an excellent purchase for any production facility.

To make an appointment to view our second-hand CNC lathes, please follow the directions on the “contact” page of our website.