Buy your used CNC machining centres at ConGri



In Lombardy, ConGri is the top expert in selling used CNC machining centres

There are already many plants that have bought used CNC machining centres from ConGri S.r.l., the most famous company in Lombardy specialised in the sale of new and reconditioned machine tools. Being able to find a company that deals with this kind of products that is totally on the side of its customers is one of the greatest dreams of entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector, which is why those who are lucky enough to discover ConGri and its services hardly ever decide to let them go. 

What customers appreciate the most about our business is the great attention that is shown to all their needs, even those that at first glance do not seem to be advantageous to us. For example, since its foundation ConGri has always focused on the second-hand market, offering, among other things, used CNC machining centres and lathes in perfect condition, rather than just factory-fresh products like many of our competitors. 

In fact, the primary goal of the owners of the Gerenzano-based company is to provide a complete service to the entire manufacturing sector, not just large plants that can buy the latest and most technological models of machine tools. Of course, we also deal in the sale of new equipment, but this is just one of our many offerings

With its used CNC machining centres, ConGri stands out in the second-hand machinery sales sector

Given the fundamental role that this type of machinery plays in an infinite number of production facilities, it is to be expected that used CNC machining centres are among the products most in demand from our customers. This is why our team of specialist technicians is always on the lookout for models to add to our extensive catalogue.

But our staff’s tasks are not limited to finding products in local production centres; the most important work ConGri employees do is related to the quality of the machines we sell. They are the ones who check their functionality and, if necessary, restore them to full working order; all used CNC machining centres available in our warehouse are professionally reconditioned!

And remember, ConGri deals in the sale of all types of CNC machine tools, not just machining centres.