The 5 axis machining centre you were waiting for is now available at ConGri



ConGri Macchine Utensili: a second-hand 5 axis machining centre not to be missed has just arrived

If you’re looking for an unmissable opportunity, brace yourselves because a second-hand model has just arrived at the ConGri warehouse that you can’t let slip away: the Promac Zephir VT 2.0 E 5 axis machining centre. This is a machine that cannot be missing in plants that want to make efficiency and precision their assets, and our company can offer it to you at a very interesting price!

As our most affectionate customers already know, one of the features for which ConGri is most famous in the machine tool industry is the search for used equipment to be reconditioned and resold in perfect condition to factory owners and at a very convenient price. We have been offering this type of service for many years now, so we are sure that our Promac 5 axis machining centre will be sold soon. 

Are you curious to find out why we think this 5 axis machining centre can make a difference in your production plant, too, by significantly improving its productivity level? Then keep reading the article we have prepared for you!

What’s so special about our new Promac second-hand 5 axis machining centre?

There are many reasons why we advise you to purchase the Promac Zephir VT 2.0 E 5 axis machining centre, now on sale at our premises in Gerenzano. We would like to start by saying, though, that if you need a versatile machine capable of performing different types of processing quickly and accurately, what we are proposing here today is really for you. If, in fact, what we have listed above are features that the Promac product has in common with any other 5 axis machining centre, there is no doubt that the one in question is particularly interesting. 

Despite being second-hand, the Promac Zephir VT 2.0 E 5 axis machining centre we are offering to our customers is in excellent condition and would be ready to be put to work straight away should you decide to add it to the machine tools you already own. We invite you to make an appointment to take a closer look at this beautiful model at our premises!

If you already own a Promac machine, you know how easy it is to operate and how safe it is for the workers who work on it for many hours a day; well, we can assure you that the quality of this 5 axis machining centre is the same that the brand has accustomed you to in the past. What’s more, you can count on the experience of ConGri’s technicians, who have worked personally to ensure that the machine is fully functional

To conclude, we can tell you about some of the accessories that the Promac Zephir VT 2.0 E 5 axis machining centre has. In particular, we are sure that customers will appreciate both the auger chip conveyor and the belt chip conveyor, as well as the presence of a BLUM laser presetting

Come and visit us in Gerenzano, our 5 axis machining centre Promac Zephir VT 2.0 E is just waiting to be purchased by you!