ConGri S.r.l. offers used machine tools in Milan in excellent condition



ConGri S.r.l. is your source for used machine tools in Milan

For the best used machine tools in Milan, the ones that don’t make you regret not buying brand new models, there is only one company to turn to: ConGri S.r.l.. In Lombardy there is no other company that has invested so much time and energy in searching for second-hand lathes, machining centres, grinding machines and other similar equipment to restore them to their original state and resell them at more than competitive prices. 

For many years now, ConGri has been known mainly for selling second-hand machine tools in Milan to manufacturing plants in the area. Although this service is complemented by the more traditional sale of new machinery from the best brands around, many of our customers come to our Gerenzano facility for the fantastic refurbished products we stock in our extensive warehouse

The great thing about stocking your factory with our used machine tools in Milan is that you will end up with top quality, fully functioning products that you can buy while saving a considerable amount of money. What entrepreneur wouldn’t want to take advantage of such a great opportunity? Moreover, thanks to this service, ConGri allows even the smallest companies  to remain relevant in their sector with excellent and safe machinery

A team of exceptional technicians for your used machine tools in Milan

In order to offer an exceptional service, ConGri S.r.l. has been relying for years on a team of technicians with multiple and complementary skills able to deal with both the selection of used machine tools in Milan and their reconditioning. For our company, in fact, there is nothing more important than providing customers with only like-new products. 

Thanks to the experience of these professionals, we are able to offer you second-hand machine tools in Milan such as the incredible Promac Zephir VT 2.0 E 5 axis machining centre now available in our warehouse. This is an opportunity not to be missed; come and visit us to see if it’s right for you!

But all our used machine tools in Milan are the real deal; we look forward to seeing you in Gerenzano to find out for yourself. See you soon!