Do you want to buy a vertical lathe? Choose from ConGri’s new and used models



Buy your vertical lathe from ConGri, you won’t regret it!

Does your company need a vertical lathe, but you don’t know where to turn? Don’t worry, there is only one retailer in Lombardy able to guarantee its customers top-of-the-range products: ConGri. Our warehouse is always stocked with machinery made by the best-known and most appreciated international manufacturers for the care with which they create equipment for every type of plant. We are sure that they will help you improve the safety and productivity of your factory, too.

By coming to ConGri’s headquarters in Gerenzano, you will have the opportunity not only to purchase the vertical lathe best suited to the needs of the production plant you are responsible for, but also to have the support in your choice of a skilled staff with years of experience in this sector. Tell us what your factory is all about and in no time we will find the perfect machine for you!

In addition to the expertise of its staff, another thing that is never lacking at ConGri is a wide range of machine tool models to choose from. So there really is no better place to buy a vertical lathe; although you can also buy machining centres, grinding machines and many other industrial lathe models here. 

Need a new or second-hand vertical lathe? ConGri has the perfect model

However, ConGri does not just offer a large number of different models of machine tools. The real strength of our company lies in the fact that we have understood that the way to satisfy a customer is to meet their needs, even when it comes to their budget. This is why we have been offering both new and used products for many years

For the majority of people who come to us, a vertical lathe is not only a resource, but also a major investment, which is often quite expensive. Thanks to our second-hand sales service, even companies with limited funds have the opportunity to equip themselves properly in order to remain competitive within their sector. 

So, on the one hand, by choosing ConGri you will be able to have at your disposal the latest generation of machine tools, selected from the most performing models produced by internationally renowned brands such as the Italians Favretto, Rosa Ermando and MCM, and the international Muratec and Victor Taichung; while, on the other hand, you will be able to buy reconditioned models in perfect condition

In particular, we would like to remind you that if your company wants to purchase a second-hand vertical lathe, there is no reason to worry about the condition of the product you may be interested in. Our company’s staff also includes a team of specialised technicians who take care of selecting the second-hand machines we offer for sale and reconditioning them if necessary. In short, ConGri guarantees the excellence of every purchase you make!

Come and visit us in Gerenzano, where you will have the opportunity to visit our huge warehouse and view all the second-hand machine tool models currently available and to talk to our staff members. 

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