The best second-hand Biglia machine tool models can be found only at ConGri S.r.l.



Biglia machine tool: ConGri S.r.l. offers the best models

Everyone knows that there is no better reseller of factory equipment than ConGri Macchine Utensili, the Lombardy-based business that has made a name for itself throughout Europe for the high quality of its services. In fact, the most important Italian and international manufacturing companies turn to us for the purchase of machinery that can help them improve their performance and thus increase their chances of success. 

What makes our company special, however, is the great attention we pay to each type of customer. Although since we established our business we’ve never stopped contacting the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers to become their official dealers and offer their products to our customers, a large part of our popularity among local entrepreneurs is due to our used machinery sales service

This is a very profitable and ever-expanding sector, as the purchase of refurbished second-hand models allows you to equip your facilities with fully functional tools while saving money. For example, we currently have Biglia machine tool models in our warehouses that are ready to be put to work immediately and that have nothing to envy from new models. 

For the best Biglia machine tool models, please contact ConGri S.r.l.

ConGri S.r.l. also stands out for the brands it is able to offer its customers. All Biglia machine tool models have always been considered among the best on the market and for this reason our team of experts who research, purchase, and recondition second-hand products ensures that there are always a few in our warehouses. 

If you visit our premises in Gerenzano, in the province of Varese, today, you will find two types of second-hand lathes in excellent condition, made by the famous Italian brand. Before taking a closer look at the characteristics of these pieces of equipment, we would like to remind you that Biglia machine tools are particularly appreciated for the attention to detail with which they are manufactured, especially in regard to work safety. 

But let’s get back to the Biglia machine tool models available in our warehouse; the first one we would like to tell you about is the Biglia B56 S2M four-axis CNC lathe with bar feeder. This is a fully functional product that can be used in a wide range of production facilities, so if you think it might be right for you, please visit us as soon as possible!

Another very interesting item is the Biglia B1000 CNC horizontal lathe, a top-of-the-range machine with features that can improve the productivity of any factory. To see it in action right now, visit our website where we have uploaded an interesting illustrative video just for you. 

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