Used Makino machining centres: discover the new proposals from ConGri



ConGri S.r.l. remains the best supplier of used Makino machining centres

As all companies operating in industry are well aware, ConGri Macchine Utensili is the best place in Italy to turn for the purchase of equipment such as lathes, boring machines, and machining centres. The quality of our offer is not only determined by the excellent products we are able to provide our customers, but also by the many exclusive services we have developed. 

In this regard, ConGri S.r.l. was one of the first businesses of its kind to offer second-hand machine tools for sale. The reason for such a choice stems from the desire to be able to collaborate with very different companies. Most smaller businesses do not have the means to buy new models and the opportunity to buy used Makino machining centres, for example, allows them to remain competitive. 

Until a few years ago, it was virtually impossible to find this service anywhere else, but even though more and more companies are now offering second-hand products, ConGri S.r.l. is still the best supplier of used Makino machining centres

Why should you buy used Makino machining centres from ConGri S.r.l.?

As a dealer in used Makino machining centres, there is no better company to buy second-hand models in top condition than ConGri S.r.l.. Indeed, the most important winning feature of our company is the warehouse, which is always full of reconditioned machine tools from the best Italian and international brands.

At the moment, entrepreneurs all over the world have the opportunity to purchase a second-hand Makino A71 horizontal machining centre in perfect working order. This is a must-have machine with 38,000 hours of work behind it that has been reconditioned to guarantee the same excellent performance as new models. 

Like the other used Makino machining centres, ours is also equipped with a chip conveyor and a high pressure tank, which are very useful elements for the workers who have to work on it. 

For more information on this and all other used Makino machining centres in our warehouse, please contact us by clicking here