What a Lizzini dealer offers



Italian machine tool quality available through a Lizzini dealer

Lizzini is a well-known Italian brand specialising in the production of grinding machine tools. Founded in 1945, the company has always stood out for its great attention to quality and technological innovation, becoming over the years a reference point in the sector.

Lizzini’s product range includes different types of grinding machines. All the machinery is built with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing high performance and great reliability; for this reason, stocking up with a Lizzini machine tool dealer is always a good idea.

The grinding machine: what it is, how it works and what it is used for

But what can a Lizzini dealer in Milan supply? Let’s discover together all the secrets of the grinding machine. 

The grinding machine is a machine tool used for machining precision surfaces using a rotating grinding wheel. Grinding is a finishing operation that makes it possible to obtain flat, cylindrical or profiled surfaces with very high precision, usually in the order of micrometers.

The operation of the grinding machine is based on the use of a rotating grinding wheel, composed of abrasive particles of different materials such as silicon carbide, corundum or diamond. The grinding wheel rotates at high speed and is applied to the surface to be ground, removing the outer layers of excess material until the desired finish is achieved.

The grinding machine is used in many sectors, including the automotive industry, aeronautics, mechanical engineering and the production of surgical instruments. Thanks to the precision and quality of the surfaces obtained, the grinding machine is able to guarantee high performance and a long service life of the finished products.

Lizzini dealer: the Lizzini grinding machine line-up

The catalogue offered by a Lizzini dealer in Milan includes various models, each designed to meet the customers’ specific needs. Among the most popular grinding machines in the industrial world are, for example, cylindrical and centreless grinding machines, characterised by high production speed and great flexibility in the machining of parts of different shapes and sizes.

In addition, the Italian brand signs excellent profile grinding machines available in various models and grinding machines that allow extremely precise and quality machining.

The quality of machine tools offered by a Lizzini dealer

The quality of the machine tools made available to customers by a Lizzini dealer is a fundamental factor to take into consideration when deciding where to purchase machinery for your production plant. The company only uses materials of the highest quality and, in addition, all Lizzini machines are subjected to rigorous testing during each stage of production, thus guaranteeing maximum reliability and long-term high performance.

Finally, the company is committed to continuous development and technological innovation, constantly investing in research and development to improve the performance of its machines and to adapt them to the increasingly complex needs of the market.

The role of the Lizzini reseller

The Lizzini dealer plays a fundamental role in the promotion and sale of Lizzini machine tools. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the sector and customer needs, the dealer is able to recommend the most suitable machine for the customer’s specific requirements and provide after-sales technical support, thus guaranteeing a satisfactory and trouble-free purchasing experience.

In addition, the Lizzini machine tool dealer is able to offer qualified technical support services, thanks to constant training and updating on the latest products and technologies. This guarantees customers a complete and reliable solution to meet their specific needs.

ConGri S.r.l. is the best Lizzini dealer

The collaboration between Lizzini and ConGri S.r.l. has been consolidated over time, thanks to their shared passion for technology and commitment to quality. ConGri S.r.l. has in fact been a Lizzini dealer in Milan for many years and represents an example of excellence in the distribution and technical assistance of the famous company’s machine tools in Northern Italy and worldwide.

The ConGri team is constantly trained and updated on the latest products and technologies, thus providing competent technical advice and prompt, efficient after-sales service. Thanks to this constant commitment, ConGri S.r.l. is able to offer its customers high-quality, customised solutions that meet their specific needs.

In addition, the Lizzini dealer in Lombardy ConGri S.r.l. also offers maintenance and repair services for the company’s machine tools, guaranteeing maximum reliability and long-term high performance for its customers. This after-sales service represents an added value for customers, ensuring efficient and continuous use of machine tools.

But that’s not all; one of the most interesting services offered by a Lizzini dealer such as ConGri is the sale of fully reconditioned and fully functional second-hand products. For example, today customers can purchase a MITO 15 CNC grinding machine in excellent condition at a very attractive price!

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