ConGri S.r.l. introduces us to deep hole drilling machines



Deep drilling machines: innovation in the machine tool industry

In the machining of metals and other materials, deep hole drilling has established itself as an indispensable technique. This method, which allows holes to be created with millimetre precision, has revolutionised numerous fields, from automotive production to aerospace. But what makes deep hole drilling machines so special?

First of all, these machines are designed to meet challenges that traditional drilling equipment cannot overcome. The ability to drill deeply into sturdy materials while maintaining impeccable accuracy is crucial in many industrial applications. This type of drilling is essential to ensure safety, efficiency and quality in many productions.

ConGri S.r.l., with its vast experience in the machine tool sector, understands the importance of these machines and the innovation they bring. Regardless of whether the equipment is new or second-hand, the aim is always to provide high quality solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer.

What deep hole drilling machines are and why they are essential

Deep drilling, as the name suggests, refers to the process of creating holes that are significantly deeper than their diameter. While traditional drilling might have a depth-to-diameter ratio of 3:1 or 5:1, deep drilling machines can achieve ratios as high as 20:1 or higher. This unique skill comes from specialised techniques and equipment that allow for impeccable accuracy and surface finish, even in the most extreme depths.

But why is deep drilling so crucial in the machine tool industry? The answer lies in its applications. Deep drilling is essential in industries such as aerospace, energy, automotive and mould and die manufacturing. For example, aeronautical parts such as drive shafts or turbine components require deep, accurate holes to ensure optimum performance and safety.

Deep hole drilling machines also offer efficiency advantages. They reduce machining time, minimise errors and offer consistent quality. This translates into significant time and cost savings, making production more efficient and competitive.

Types of deep hole drilling machines: an overview

In the vast world of machine tools, deep hole drilling machines are distinguished by their ability to tackle particularly demanding tasks. But not all deep hole drilling machines are the same; there are different variants, each with its own specific characteristics and advantages.

Gun-type deep hole drilling machines

These machines use a technique called ‘gun drilling’, in which a long, thin, gun-like boring bar is used to create deep holes. They are particularly suitable for narrow and deep holes and are widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

CNC deep hole drilling machines

Thanks to CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology, these machines offer unprecedented precision and flexibility. They are able to drill deep into a variety of materials with extreme accuracy, making them ideal for complex, precision applications.

Deep hole drilling machines with rotating spindle

These machines use a rotating spindle to support and rotate the workpiece while the boring bar remains fixed. This configuration is particularly useful for large workpieces or irregular shapes.

ConGri S.r.l., with its wide range of machine tools, offers all these variants, guaranteeing customers the perfect solution for every need. Whether you are looking for a deep hole drilling machine for specific applications or wish to explore the available options, ConGri S.r.l. is the ideal partner to guide you in your choice.

How to choose the right deep hole drilling machines for your needs

Choosing the right deep drilling machines can make the difference between a job well done and a mediocre one. With a variety of options available on the market, it is essential to consider a few key factors to ensure a wise and productive investment.

Workpiece size

First of all, consider the size of the workpiece you intend to machine. Some machines are designed for large workpieces, while others are better suited to smaller components.

Depth of hole

Not all deep hole drilling machines can reach the same depths. Identify the depth required for your project and choose a machine that can meet that requirement.

Type of material

Different materials require different speeds and drilling techniques. Whether you are working with steel, titanium or composites, make sure the machine you choose is suitable for the specific material.


Deep hole drilling machines vary widely in price. Set a budget and look for a machine that offers the best value for money.

Supplier reliability

Buying from a reliable supplier like ConGri S.r.l. guarantees not only a high-quality machine, but also first-class after-sales service and support.

ConGri S.r.l. is committed to offering a wide range of deep hole drilling machines, both new and second-hand, to meet every need. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector, ConGri S.r.l. is the ideal partner to help you find the perfect solution for your deep drilling needs.

Second-hand deep hole drilling machines: an economic option without compromise

In the competitive world of industrial production, economic efficiency is often at the heart of business decisions. For many companies, the purchase of second-hand deep hole drilling machines is an ideal solution for balancing budget and performance.

Economic advantages

Second-hand deep hole drilling machines offer significant savings compared to new models. This gives companies access to advanced technology without placing an excessive burden on the budget.

Guaranteed quality

Buying a second-hand machine does not mean giving up on quality. ConGri S.r.l. rigorously selects second-hand machines, ensuring that they are in excellent condition and ready for extended use.


Opting for second-hand machines helps reduce environmental impact. Re-using machines that have already been produced means less waste and fewer resources required for the production of new devices.

Support and assistance

Even if it is a second-hand machine, ConGri S.r.l. guarantees comprehensive after-sales service, offering quality support to ensure that every deep hole drilling machine works at its best.


Second-hand machines allow companies to adapt quickly to changing needs. If a project requires specific drilling capacity, purchasing a second-hand machine can be the perfect solution.

In conclusion, the second-hand deep hole drilling machines offered by ConGri S.r.l. represent an economical option that does not compromise on quality. With the experience and dedication of ConGri S.r.l., companies can make smart, sustainable and profitable investments.

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