Used machine tools in Lombardy: essential tips for smart purchases



Guide to buying used machine tools in Lombardy

In an industrial context, the purchase of used machine tools is a strategic and sustainable choice for many companies. The decision to invest in second-hand equipment not only brings considerable financial savings, but also contributes to a broader sustainable approach to industry. In this context, ConGri S.r.l. emerges as an ideal partner, offering a wide range of high quality used machine tools in Lombardy, capable of responding to different production needs.

Choosing a second-hand machine tool, however, is not without its challenges. It requires careful evaluation of various factors, such as the condition of the equipment, its operating history and technical specifications. An informed and knowledgeable approach can make the difference between a profitable and a less profitable investment. In this guide, we will share essential advice for safely navigating the used machine tool market in Lombardy, highlighting how ConGri S.r.l. can assist you in choosing the most suitable solution for your needs.

ConGri S.r.l.’s commitment is not limited to sales; we act as reliable consultants to guide our customers through every stage of the purchasing process. From assessing the condition and performance of used machine tools to understanding their potential in terms of productivity and sustainability, our aim is to ensure that every purchase is not just a cost saving, but a real added value for your company.

What to consider before buying used machine tools in Lombardy

Buying used machine tools in Lombardy can be an excellent opportunity for many companies, but it requires careful consideration of several key factors to ensure that the investment is worthwhile and profitable. Here are some crucial aspects to evaluate.

Condition of the machine

The first and most important assessment concerns the condition of the machine tool. Check for component wear, the presence of damage or repairs, and the general condition. Asking for a record of maintenance and any repairs performed is an essential step; this will not only give you an idea of the care the machine has received, but also of potential future maintenance needs.

Age and technology

The age of the machine is another important factor. Older machines may not have the latest technology or may require more maintenance. However, some well-built and maintained machine tools can still be very efficient despite their age. Consider whether the machine’s technology meets your current and future needs.

Brand and model

Some brands have a better reputation for durability and reliability. Look for reviews and feedback on specific models to better understand their long-term performance and reliability.


Obviously, price is a crucial factor. Compare the prices of used machine tools in Lombardy with those of new models to make sure the purchase is cost-effective. Don’t forget to also consider additional costs such as transport, installation and any necessary upgrades.


The choice of supplier is equally important. A reliable supplier like ConGri S.r.l. will not only offer you quality used machine tools, but also comprehensive support, from pre-purchase advice to after-sales service.

In conclusion, an informed and careful approach when choosing used machine tools in Lombardy can result in significant economic and operational advantages. ConGri S.r.l. is committed to providing its customers not only with high quality products, but also with the information and support needed to make informed and advantageous choices.

Advantages of buying used machine tools in Lombardy

Buying used machine tools in Lombardy offers a number of significant advantages, both economically and operationally. Understanding these benefits can help companies move in this direction with greater confidence and peace of mind.

Cost reduction

The most obvious advantage of buying used machine tools in Lombardy is cost reduction. These machines are often sold at a fraction of the price of new ones, allowing companies to make significant savings on their initial capital. This saving can be reinvested in other areas of the company, such as personnel development, research and development, or infrastructure expansion.

Decreased devaluation

Used machine tools in Lombardy have already suffered most of their depreciation. This means that their value remains relatively stable over time, unlike new machines that lose value quickly in the first few years. This is particularly advantageous for companies planning to resell their equipment in the future.

Availability and prompt delivery

Used machine tools are generally available for immediate delivery, avoiding the long waiting times often associated with purchasing new equipment. This is a significant advantage for companies that need to quickly increase their production capacity or replace broken-down machinery.

Environmental sustainability

Buying used machine tools in Lombardy is a more environmentally sustainable choice. Reusing and recycling equipment helps reduce the consumption of resources needed to produce new machines and minimises the environmental impact associated with production and disposal.

Proof of reliability

Used machine tools already have a proven track record of performance in the field. This can provide a degree of security in terms of machine reliability and functionality.

Why choose ConGri S.r.l. for used machine tools in Lombardy

When it comes to finding quality used machine tools in Lombardy, the choice of supplier plays a crucial role. ConGri S.r.l. stands out in this sector for a number of reasons that make the company the ideal choice for customers looking for reliable and affordable equipment.

ConGri S.r.l. is committed to supplying only used machine tools in Lombardy that have passed rigorous quality controls. Every machine in our catalogue has been thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure that it meets high standards in terms of functionality and reliability. This commitment to quality ensures that customers receive equipment that not only meets, but often exceeds their performance expectations.

In addition to the quality of the machines, ConGri S.r.l. stands out for its experience and professionalism. With years of experience in the machine tool industry, the team at ConGri S.r.l. has in-depth knowledge that allows them to offer personalised and informed advice. Whether suggesting the most suitable machine for a specific application or providing advice on maintenance and care, the ConGri S.r.l. team is always ready to assist customers at every stage of the purchasing process.

Transparency is another key aspect of the way ConGri S.r.l. operates. Customers receive detailed information on the history and condition of the machines, ensuring a clear purchasing process without surprises. This level of openness helps to build a relationship of trust between the company and its customers, ensuring a long-term collaboration based on mutual trust.

Furthermore, ConGri S.r.l. does not just sell used machine tools in Lombardy; the company offers a complete service that includes after-sales support, spare parts and technical assistance. This all-inclusive approach means that customers can count on continuous support well beyond the moment of purchase, ensuring that their machines maintain optimum performance over time.

In summary, choosing ConGri S.r.l. to purchase used machine tools in Lombardy means opting for a reliable partner that guarantees quality, experience, transparency and excellent customer service. These elements combined offer unparalleled value, making ConGri S.r.l. the ideal choice for companies looking for effective and profitable long-term solutions.

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