Used Mikron Haas machining centres: the proposals of ConGri S.r.l.



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For a long time now, ConGri Macchine Utensili has been a point of reference for all companies that use second-hand machinery such as lathes, boring machines and grinding machines. Over the years, we have made available to our customers all kinds of reconditioned products in excellent condition, including machining centres. 

Precisely because our activity in the sale of second-hand machine tools has never ceased, and in fact it has grown more and more, today we can tell you about the used Mikron Haas machining centres that we have found for you and your plants. These are state-of-the-art tools, which we are sure will make a difference in any company they are put to work in. 

The used Mikron Haas machining centres in the ConGri S.r.l. warehouse are an excellent investment for all those businesses that need to replace a faulty machine or want to improve the performance of their plant, but do not want to spend a fortune buying new models. Thanks to the attention that the specialized technicians of our company give to the Mikron Haas products that you can find from us, in fact, they have nothing to envy to those just out of the factory.

Used Mikron Haas machining centres: ConGri S.r.l. proposes an unmissable deal

Among the used Mikron Haas machining centres present today in our warehouse, we would like to introduce you to one that has left us speechless. It is the vertical milling machining centre Mikron Haas VCE 750, a real treasure not to be missed, if you are looking for a machine of this type. 

We’re talking about a second-hand product that won’t give you any problems, since its condition has been checked by our trusted technicians, and instead will help you to improve the performance of your company even more. Like many other used Mikron Haas machining centres, this particular model is equipped with various spindles and accessories to make the work of the workers easier

For more information on this or any other used Mikron Haas machining centre, we suggest you click here to get in touch with the ConGri Macchine Utensili team.