Buy your used Yang vertical machining centre from Congri S.r.l.



To buy an excellent used Yang vertical machining centre, turn to ConGri S.r.l.

The best company to turn to for the purchase of a used Yang vertical machining centre is without any shadow of a doubt ConGri S.r.l., a company that for many years has been known and appreciated, among other things, for its warehouse always stocked with the best reconditioned models of machine tools. Professionals in the field know well that to get the best, it is to Como – where our operational headquarters are located – that one must go. 

In addition to vertical and horizontal machining centres, we also provide second-hand grinding machines and lathes of the best Italian and international brands, a service that has enabled us to gain the trust of a very large number of companies in the production field. Only with ConGri S.r.l.’s reconditioned products can even the smallest companies keep up with the big ones who have no problem buying new models. 

A BMV1600 model of Yang vertical machining centre used as new can only be found at ConGri S.r.l.

One of the most interesting products in our warehouse today is the model BMV1600 of Yang vertical machining centre. It is a machine tool of great value that our technicians have carefully selected to offer one of our loyal customers the incredible opportunity to buy it at a very competitive price. 

Like all the other machines of the brand, this used Yang vertical machining centre stands out for its excellent performance, also due to the many accessories it is equipped with. You don’t have to worry about the fact that you are buying a second-hand model, since our staff has all the experience necessary to offer customers only like-new parts. 

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